Plant Risk Assessment

Plant risk management is an essential part of all organisations in order to achieve continual improvement and business growth. A lack of risk assessment is a major cause of workplace death and injury in Australia.

There are four components to Plant Risk Management:

  • Identify hazards and risks
  • Assess the hazards and risks
  • Control the hazards and risks
  • Monitor the hazards and risks

Our safety consultants will undertake a plant risk assessment to identify potential hazards of your plant equipment and establish safety measures to prevent harm to life, property and environment. Saunders Safety & Training are the first step to ensuring your business establishes a pro-active system to keep you and your employee’s safe in the workplace.

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Mental Health First Aid Training – 20th July 2022

Saunders Safety & Training have identified the need for the community to become more proficient and confident in assisting those who are affected by a mental health disease. As such we are running a two day nationally accredited course that provides practical information about key mental illnesses and first aid processes. 

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COVID-19 Back to Work Cleanliness Inspection & Certificate

Unfortunately, many workplaces have had to effectively shut down due to COVID-19, which presents the question, how do you know your workplace is safe to return to? We want to help ensure your employees and customers safety, this is why we are conducting a 'Back to Work Cleanliness Inspection and Certificate'.

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Does your workplace contain asbestos material? Are your workers currently at risk?

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