Alternate Premium Models

SS&T work to assist employers through the often difficult and complex minefield of alternative workers compensation models including Comcare, Self-Insurance and LPR.

We are one of the few organisations who can not only assess and improve WHS Compliance, but also conduct comprehensive feasibility studies and complete all relevant applications on your behalf.

In conducting the safety feasibility phase of the process, SS&T utilise the expertise of our national team who are also accredited auditors and assess employer WHS systems & compliance and where necessary, improve to ensure that you meet the necessary safety requirements and have a seamless transition into the relevant scheme. Any improvements as part of this process will also help to ensure ongoing and improved safety performance.   

Mental Health First Aid Training – 20th July 2022

Saunders Safety & Training have identified the need for the community to become more proficient and confident in assisting those who are affected by a mental health disease. As such we are running a two day nationally accredited course that provides practical information about key mental illnesses and first aid processes. 

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COVID-19 Back to Work Cleanliness Inspection & Certificate

Unfortunately, many workplaces have had to effectively shut down due to COVID-19, which presents the question, how do you know your workplace is safe to return to? We want to help ensure your employees and customers safety, this is why we are conducting a 'Back to Work Cleanliness Inspection and Certificate'.

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Does your workplace contain asbestos material? Are your workers currently at risk?

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